Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Victoria/Alyssa~ Class of 2012 sisters.

Meet the sweetest step sisters who are only 8 months apart, live together and are graduating from high school together and actually like each other a lot! They seemed like best friends to me. We got rained out last weekend so we did make ups and it was so sunny but the ground was so wet. They were super great sports and just had a lot of fun with their talents and accomplishments from school. They brought the whole family along and I threw them all in for a picture too~ Beware when you come to me! :) Victoria writes for the school newspaper so we did a nerdy, silly look for her. She looks so dang cute though. Her future plans are to join the military~Alyssa is in Drama and plans to attend community college and go into the Dental field.
Super fun WHOO HOO picture.
Brother came along and the first thing I noticed about him was his funky colored eye. 3rd person in my life that I have seen this on. Mom explained the eye Dr. said that it is a dimple on his eye. How cool is that?