Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Victoria/Alyssa~ Class of 2012 sisters.

Meet the sweetest step sisters who are only 8 months apart, live together and are graduating from high school together and actually like each other a lot! They seemed like best friends to me. We got rained out last weekend so we did make ups and it was so sunny but the ground was so wet. They were super great sports and just had a lot of fun with their talents and accomplishments from school. They brought the whole family along and I threw them all in for a picture too~ Beware when you come to me! :) Victoria writes for the school newspaper so we did a nerdy, silly look for her. She looks so dang cute though. Her future plans are to join the military~Alyssa is in Drama and plans to attend community college and go into the Dental field.
Super fun WHOO HOO picture.
Brother came along and the first thing I noticed about him was his funky colored eye. 3rd person in my life that I have seen this on. Mom explained the eye Dr. said that it is a dimple on his eye. How cool is that?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Brother~ Sister with mom.

Meet Treysen and Tessa and their mom Mariah. She booked the kids' photos, but she looked so darn cute, that I had to force her to jump in a few too. (beware ya'all) They all have these sparkly eyes and fantastic personalities. I totally just felt like I knew them forever and became fast friends. Mr. Treysen is 13. Sparkly eyes with big lashes and was a blinker. I had to take like 3 pics for one of them to have him open them. They must be really sensitive. He was such a patient, sweet guy. Miss Tessa~ 2. She had a personality to die for. She was so funny and wouldn't want to cooperate but the minute we sang a song or asked her animal sounds she sat still and would talk to me. By the end she gave me a HUGE hug goodbye. Love her already.
She LOVED her boots so our location was perfect! Mom said she had to pick her outfit to match the boots. (hm.... I am guessing who the boss is.) lol.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nathan Stock~ Musician/Teacher

Meet Nate. He is single ladies with 2 darling little boys. He plays the bass with my son's teacher and is fabulous. He teaches lessons here in Farmington. We became friends because his kids and my kids are inseperble. Since he is a full time dad, we have had to help each other with our kids and he is just a nice guy! His mom goes to my church and I am grateful for their friendship. What an awesome family! He even got me out running~ well he runs and I walk, then he comes back for me and has really kept me motivated cause I really needed a motivator. :) In the studio he brought all his music and just jammed out while I took photos. It was a blast. Jeremy (my husband) and him have became friends too and they actually like the same music. I am such a modern girl but they talked about music and just hung out too. Check him out if you need lessons or someone to play for an event for you.
I made his new business cards~ Don't they rock. Shows he has different styles and music. This was one of my favs with that old fashioned mic. Isn't that sweet? His first guitar when he was 14. He decorated it like any other boy would do with stickers. He even wore a tuxedo for the vintage look of the classical bass players.

Kylee~ Senior photos.

Meet miss sporty Kylee! She is graduating from Fremont and is just super adorable. She is way into sports. Played basketball and loves football. She had the most gorgeous eyes and I loved her hair. About 5 minutes into the shoot we got poured on, so we headed back to the studio to finish up and then it cleared up for a few minutes, got a few more outside my house, and then guess what? It hailed and lightning came. Close call! Glad her hair stayed gorgeous! Mom was there to support her and was just so darling and joking with me. They said I would fit right in with their family and I love when I have clients I meet for the first time that love me like family. Means many more shoots to do with them.:)

Bostyn~ 1 year old

Bostyn is turning 1 and having a ROCK STAR Party for a little princess rock star! She is so adorable and petite. If you remember I took her newborn pictures and she was the baby in the tea cup with the clock in the background displaying the time she was born. Mom and Grandma came to this shoot and said how much she smiles and talks. HA! I think they lie. There were super cute ones, but not SUPER smiley pictures. She was thinking, "what are those crazy people doing behind that scary lady with the huge camera in my face?" She looked more like she was curious than smiling, but she sure dug in that cake and painted it EVERYWHERE. We enjoyed just watching the show!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Boy/Girl twins~ 12 days old.

These twins came into the studio just under 5 lbs. each. They were such angels that I was able to get a ton of photos. Yet, I had to tell dad to go home and put his pants on! :) These pants that is; they didn't tell me he used to be in the Army and had these pants, an awesome jacket, purple heart and a ton of ribbons. So, I sent him home but it was well worth it. They fit snugly in his pockets! Dad was a paratrooper medic and got his purple heart while serving in Iraq. He got hit with a roadside bomb. Super scary but so proud there are Men and Women who serve our country with honor to protect our homes and families. Mom had a baby shower and the theme was 2 peas in a pod, so this just had to be taken!After several attempts to get pregnant and 12 years of artificial and invetro, they are finally here. Mom and dad are so proud and excited! Usually the parents rings only fit on one toe, this shows you how super tiny they really were. Sad for all the pricks, She even had a bruised hand and he had a prick mark in his head~ At least they made it till 37 weeks. Also, why is it that the boys get all the hair and eyelashes? Mom's sister gave me this stroller on a trade so I had to use it for her neice and nephew.

Easter mini~ Megan

Meet Megan~ We became friends after her husband and I were friends and he introduced us and I started taking their family pics and his kids photos about a year ago. They come to me every few months because my buddy Brody is fighting for our Country with Honor in Afghanistan for the Marine Corps. He has seen more than I would ever want to know and I have grown to love his family. His wife misses him as much as the kids do but she wanted him to have some pictures while he is gone for his tour of duty.
We love you Brody! (Brody is the Marine in my 2012 Calendar)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Brysten~ 5 years old (my dimple, tornado boy!)

My son Brysten is turning 5. He has been our spunkiest yet! We have called him tornado boy! Literally, I turn around and he has destroyed something else and it goes throughout the whole house. I think God gave him those huge dimples for a reason. When he is about to get in trouble, he says, "dimples" and smile so cute. It use to work on me, now it only works on grandparents. Copied my friends hat, but her's stayed on, his fell off and broke if he moved, so we didn't get to use it in every photo. It was cute though since we are having an ICE CREAM theme party!And there are the "DIMPLES!"
My little stud!